#respectwoman is more than a campaign is about a concept, that we promote @ Lluviafm that woman-models-mom-girlfriends-friends-exwifes-grandmothers are Human beings not objects, not objects of desire, for example, in the case of models or aspiring models…. i wish if there were more Gentleman  artist a PROFESIONAL i see so many  out there, Photographers or so called , tasteless, looking girls just for the sexy pictorials, the daring shots…but what about the art? what about the good name and reputation? what about the fact of being really a man! DOESN´T THAT COUNT ANYMORE?..we salute the good  profesionals  of “photography” , “Modeling” “Events” & “Pictorials” is all about…#respect #respectwoman #bereal #loveyourself

Steps to make men…#respectwoman…

Teach Your Child to Respect Women

One of the most important values you can teach your child is how to respect women. Children, especially young children, learn to respect others by modeling behaviour. Children learn appropriate and respectful behaviour by observing the behaviour of those around them.

Below is a list of parenting techniques to help you teach your child how to respect women.

  1. Be a Good Role Model
    Treat all of the women in your life with fairness and equality. Treat all women in the manner in which you would like to be treated. Value the women in your life. Your child will learn to respect women from observing your respectful behaviour towards women.
  2. Value Your Child
    The most effective way to teach respect is to show respect. Valuing other’s opinions, accepting people as they are, being polite, kind, and admiring the people closest to you are key components of respect. Teach your child to respect women by valuing, accepting and admiring your child. Your child will learn through personal experience the importance of treating women with respect.

Also have in mind…

  1. Be Honest
    Teach your child, through example, the value of honesty. Admitting when you do something wrong and apologizing for your actions will help your child learn the value of honesty and respect.
  2. Be Positive
    Do not tolerate sexist language and attitudes. Do not embarrass, insult or make fun of your child or the women in your life. Instead, compliment your child and the women in your life. Remember, your child will learn from your behaviour.
  3. Be Polite
    Teach your child the importance of being polite and courteous to others. 


Kids are the future…makes sense to teach when young..

  1. Be Caring
    It is important to teach your child to be empathetic to all individuals. Doing so will teach your child to be accepting of diversity.
  2. Self-Respect
    It is important that you teach your child to value themselves. It is much easier to respect others when we respect ourselves.
  3. Listen to Your Child
    Listen to your child’s concerns and ideas. Only by listening to your child can you help them mold positive values such as respect for women.


So the key…is to act when they are young, not to impose but to teach family values!

  1. Show Your Child Love
    Make your child feel loved on a daily basis. Even if they make a mistake or behave inappropriately, remind them that they are loved. Remind your child that although their behaviour was inappropriate and unacceptable, they are still loved and valued.
  2. Do Not Tolerate Violent or Aggressive Behaviour
    Teach your child that it is NOT acceptable to act violently towards others. If your child acts in an aggressive manner towards women it is important to take the time to explain why this behaviour is unacceptable. Explain to your child alternative ways in which to resolve conflict other than through violence.                                    



Why? what for? does it make men better men and a gentleman?

1- If Beauty is a crime….am in deep trouble.. Mireya Goncalves

2- Beauty is power….Tell that to the kids Mari De Jesus

3- Did you just Lost one, exactly like me?… Nancy Medina 


A woman must be the center of the universe, why? because they are!

4- We all have, Mothers, Sisters,Girlfriends,Wifes & Daughters…drop it! Respect me! JPT

5- Beauty is a gift, beauty is a confirmation that we have nice spirit and also nice outside to share with the world  Jennyfer Gonzales Margout

6- Respect …you dont ask, you earn it with every day actions Trudy Valencia



Responses from real woman, that have to have 24/7  shields up, against men, that simply dont understand, that a beautiful woman is not an object, that a nice pic of a woman is not to invite to have sex with her , just self confidence and expresion…



soon we have more


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