Love & Poetry


You don´t see it, but you for sure, feel it! When a woman makes you feel special…that´s the same thing you should do back…if not in time she will see and discover for herself, that you…are not the one!


“Love is Forever”!

Love is not a game, love is not just a summer thing, love is something you cherrish till the end of your life, it´s starts with family,and yourself, and determines who you are the rest of your life, self respect is love, love for family is the blood love, and love for someone, a love for life! IT has a philosophy of life & love beyond the young age, WOMEN have a mature perspective that only by loving others, as you respect yourself is that you can find balance in all, at work, with friends and to find,and recognize that special person that she will call “The one!” she is clear that once love is given…”LOVE IS FOREVER!”


It´s time to grow

“It´s time to grow”
When we are kids, life is so much easy, Grandma, Momma..Daddy, Aunt……
Family! its so sweet, that years after we see this as the good old days, first kiss, first boy or girl, all is new, all is fresh…and we are just ourselfs, we are all the same, we all know each other…and we didn´t lie, didn´t cheat, didn´t break anyone´s heart, how i wish we all were as we were..naive and inocent,
we loved everyone and everyone loved us…. but i guess …”It´s time to grow”

#Esays a bit of #poetry
I LOOK DOWN and am not afraid to jump,
because i know that you will catch me!
Am happy, and so, so happy, that you….
are the reason of my smile…
are the reason why i live…
are with me in good and bad..
am happy, because you are by my side.
so i look down, and am not afraid to jump…



I write, poetry,
i write songs…
i make music…
all i think is of you!
Photo by ERA

Just Thinking..

Thinking of…a woman…that right this moment doesnt feel, worry or concern about your existance… is like a woman drinking alone waiting for a man to come…and say i love you…

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Thinking that i am naive?, love the way you laugh at me…thinking am so dumb cuz i have feelings, but most of all i LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE…to yourself!

I stand naked, in the middle of the room, you lift your eyes, and can´t believe, you are lucky, so lucky…to be the only man, to be the only one,…with the right to see, with the right to witness,, my body, my face, my naked truth,…and you just keep looking at me as if taking a picture in your memory, a memory of my body that will always be present in your mind, in your soul…so be my man, my knight in shining harmor, and you will for ever have me, my soul and my love, because i am a woman, a woman for you, a woman to love…..

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“I am The one”
My heart is sweet, my body fire, but am so much more,
than you could ever desire..
Am an original…set, with no match no copy…
all you ever wanted in just “1” woman.
All, not pieces, not parts…ALL!
but, do you match my offer? what are your credentials?
a pretty face? a cool bod? a fancy car?
that don´t impress me much!
I trust actions, not words, i believe in done, not dreams, i want a man, not, a has been…
am not one of many, am not your average babe…
if you want this…..all this and so much more….
remenber am not a second degree lady, am not secondary role am leading actress a main role…
but for you….just know…”i am the one”!



The toughest and stongest word a man can say?
“Honey, i Love you”….and really mean it!
Do You Agree?
WOMAN are not objects…
love her as she is,



Poems are made by ERA, Chang,Pete Hernandez and Nancy Quevedo… are free expresions of moods, love and situations…


Real woman, always have Choices, what´s Yours?
Party Favorite or Family?
Kids & Efforts? Multiple partners or Bf´s?
Sex or Love and Commitment?
Life is only one…so make good choices!
There is always time for all… It´s #Uptoyou



From Lover to Stranger…
Love is like a cycle of life…
goes around and around and it´s up to a couple,
where it stays…from strangers, we become lovers,
mornings are bright, days are swiftly gone and nights some godenly times seem to last forever…
if it could only be always that way…
if it could be as your first words, babe ill love you for ever,
if it could be like your text, i can never stop thinking of you,
if it could be as your first audios you singing silly i love youuuuuu with terrible voice…that is what i used to call the good times…

and then, you just had to be a man!
that counquers and goes for more
that has a woman and its not enough…
so them from lover you become stranger,
all you said, was a lie, all you wrote was a lie
all you even dream was a lie,
sad i realize now and not sooner,
and hey i don´t blame you,
it´s my fault for trusting words and not actions…
for submitting to your charms with love and faith…
but i love myself to much so from lover…you became, a stranger!
Model: D
Pictorial: ERA
Poem: PR



It  seem like tritton, king of the oceans and seas,
spelled it with charms, said to me, she is the one,
He Thought she is the must, the yes i will, the of course its her, 
but many storms passed, many waves crashed and after a high tide ,

i finally saw the water down to calm, and got to see that the ocean is not to be ruled,

that the ocean was not born to obey, but to live free, to seek love to experience to the fullest, 

the beauty of nature, the excitement of friendship the bond of family and the gift of one love, a true love, 

that would not dare to change the course of the water,

the streaming of it´s waves and flows, 

but to adore and demonstrate daily.. 

he is worthy of the ocean worthy of the honor, to live and let live by AN OCEAN CALLED WOMAN!


a Little bit of poetry,… 

The day the sunset fell in love with the moon

I am day, i am light, i go from sunrise to sunset,
my time is short my moments go by….
but every night i have a date, every time i fall in love,
not with stars, not with the sun,
maybe it´s not right, maybe it´s not fair,
but am in love with the Moon,
and with it i have an affair,
maybe we are not made for one another and maybe at dawn all will end, it happens so fast it goes so soon,
but i don´t ,mind.. i am sunset, but am in love with the moon!


LOOK AT ME, am standing here!

Words can be taken by time, by meaning or reason but images can stand forever…
I remenber the first time i saw you,
walk by me, 4 steps later, turn around, and my heart frooze
my mind blanked,
my heart, started to beat faster…
i could not believe,
i could not say a thing…
i shake up, come towards you….
smile and all you needed to say was..
was Look at me… standing here,
to make me figure out that, your look, your smile and you,
will be in me forever!.





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