15 february 2019

Independent artist time to shine? YELPY #SHOUT!


OK, SO IT JUST HAS 20K VIEWS…So what? it gathered 1.4 million votes in 55 radio stations, are you labels listening?

It´s like Havana winning grammies for Camila Cabello, no offense…with 700 million Yt visits but Echame la Culpa by Lovato & Fonsi (same despacito guy) 1.6 billion and no cigar ( and i don´t smoke).

Now , how is that? you muster only 20k views but 1.4 million votes: thats 3.6k calls per day, 25.500 + calls per station a week! so why is he not chased by Labels, mysteries that will be ever be solved?.


is a legitimate supertar in music!

Miley Cyrus, teams up with Mark Ronson to break hearts!

Miley Cyrus &  Mark Ronson are back at collecting hits! #nothingbreaklikeaheart is smashing it´s way to the top! god, thought never say this, but we did miss ya!


Videos & pic posted only for purpose of the promotion of the artist.

written by Lluviafm Prod, Staff.

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