THE FAN – My Story, continues.!


                                                                                           The Fan

To continue a story, is to continue our lifes through them, Nano, Nanoshka is an open mind to the world of expresion, writes purely out of the joy of wanting to tell others a perspective of a radio Fan! a LluviaFm Fan! Stations all over the world have the unique way of playing music, that same music goes by a total diferent angle in Lluviafm, with our mottos : ” You Request, we listen…..and Play it” ” #gonnamissit?” we present the view of the other side, as she tells her story on her own terms, she is THE FAN!

Not everything is as rosy, exciting and entertaining as it seems to an ordinary observer.  There are many obstacles to everything, and lluvia has its own share of ups and downs that also affected us listeners considerably.  One late  summer afternoon of 2013 and on a weekend, a malicious hacker gained access into lluvia’s system and create a frenzy of direct messaging between E & us until we were able to grasp the reality of what was happening.

Work to restore back normal voting at chat was done but otherwise the page was barely functional. Those were the empty days and nights coupled with silence but voting continues.  During those times I began writing monologues whatever comes to mind, but mostly about my favorite artist.

From time to time someone will enter, asked questions but don’t stay for long.  I have no full recollection of when, but slowly and surely everything came back to normal. Audio streaming restored, regular proramming resumed and lluvia del desierto with E came to life again.  Along with other regular visitors/listeners, we stayed with lluvia and offered our full support through it all and with E’s contagious humour nothing can break our spirit of unity.


There will be changes; new artists, new programmings, new faces, but I will always cherish the time I first stumbled upon the link and the pleasant surprise I felt upon hearing the radio playing the song I sought to hear.

Wherever this will lead me I can’t say for cetain; however, I will continually be around to support my favorite artist as much as I possibly can or just quietly and slowly retreat the way I first came into the world of lluviafm.

Skepticism towards Lluvia still abounds and will never stop.  I have high hope that someday; ultimately, the rest of the world will come to recognize and appreciate the work lluviafm is doing to the music world  at large.

Stay tune at Lluvia where music of the world abound; free for you to request & enjoy!!!





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