Oh yeah, am so much loving doing this post, i am a fan! i admit it! I have this thing for cool new ways to get music to the world, so she is a perefect fit. a new song every week a new sound every time she is TAMARA BUBBLE!


So as all interviews ….we start,

with the basic 3 and we asked Tamara…

1)  Your favorite singer all time

TB: My favorite singer and entertainer of all time Michael Jackson. “Bad” is my favorite album ever ???? MJ was so influential to me as an entertainer because he could sing about any topic and people would be crying and fainting. It was his presence and aura and how demand the crowd’s attention and affection.

2) Your favorite song done by you and why..

TB: I don’t have a favorite song by me … every time I make new music I like that more because my fans haven’t heard it yet ???????????? it’s so weird, but I will say I think my fans and the people ❤ “Living It Up” the most because every time I perform it (even in new crowds and markets) it’s gives off such good energy to the whole room ????

3) How do you describe TB 

TB: TB is a powerhouse. I blend genres, everything from Hip Hop to EDM to Soul. I sing, rap and scat. My concepts are comical, powerful, and sexy. I write about the good, the bad and ugly. Music that’s real to me because that’s what people can relate to.

Ok, so now let´s get to the real goodies, question

made by you all out there listening day in and day out Lluviafm!

4) where is TB from? place of origin and current …

TB:I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY, but I’m currently based in Charlotte, NC while promoting my music in the Southeast region of USA

5) Where does TB do her Magic ( studio and mixers and producers)

TB: hmmmm, recording mostly in Charlotte. I’ve worked alot with one of my favorite producers KrazyFigz, but now I’ve recently started collaborating with tons of different producers from all over the world really. I drop a new song every week and I’ve been expanding my sound and honing my craft and rapping a lot more lately lol, but I usually record at Maximus Studios with Ira Parker, he’s really dope too. They’re both in Charlotte, NC. I also plan on learning to play guitar and produce records myself so stay tuned for that.

6) her taste in food? drinks?

TB: I eat everything I’m not supposed to and then I feel guilty and break up with my love handles and hit the gym with some new workout songs I’ve written to motivate me lol. I have a love / hate relationship with food lol.

7) Is TB naughty?

TB: No comment, lol, because my momma or daddy might read this, but pay attention to the lyrics. I don’t keep anything hidden … in my music. That’s where I’m most comfortable expressing the deepest, dirtiest, truths lol. I write about the good, the bad, the ugly and the nasty because that’s what’s real to me so I know people can relate to it. 

8 ) Single?

TB: Yuuuup … for now! I’m a big flirt, but it allows me to focus on music. I’ve got plenty of time fall in love and breed lol. I’m not ready for that stuff yet.

9) In pro or against gay rights?

TB: I wrote a song about it actually because with me, no topic is off limits. Makes me want to release it sooner so you get your answer in a beautiful melody #staytuned

10) Favavorite Colors?

TB: Black … the color and the shades of melanin, lol and pink too. But I have waaaay too many black clothes (all different fabrics so that I get all the different shades of black like leather, velvet, lace, all of it lol)

11) I love to go on vacation to… (place)

TB:Please don’t think I’m crazy, but I want to travel the world to perform, not to vacation yet, lol. Don’t get me wrong I love a beautiful clear sky, warm breeze and good drinks as much as the next person, but I honestly love PEOPLE more than I love PLACES! Oh and I can’t swim yet so beaches are not as enjoyable for me lol

12) If you get a #1 hit and a Grammy, would you change?

TB: YES!!! I’m changing my phone number, my address, my tax bracket … CHANGE IS GOOD! lol I’m kidding. I’m really down to earth and humble. I think it would motivate me more than anything to keep going and confirm that all the sacrifices I’ve made were truly worth it.
13) your fav Phrase is… Bubble On Deck!!! It is literally my lifestyle and me pretty much speaking my dreams into existence. That is my hashtag #BubbleOnDeck and everything. It just basically means I want to be everywhere you are, every stage, on your TV, on your radio, on your playlist, you name it, I’m there. #BubbleOnDeck 

14) Sex or love?

TB: love … because it’s so hard to come by. sex, good sex, great sex. That’s easy!! Love … some people spend a lifetime and never find it.

15) Car you ride?

TB: Nissan Rogue … it’s black, of course! I like SUVs (small ones)

16) At the end all comes to…( what you want people to know about you)

TB:I’m an entertainer, songwriter and actress and I won’t stop until my fans are proud and my music has reached the eyes and ears of the world. I make music for you to live life through. Music that you can cry to, laugh to, dance to, make babies to, all that good stuff. Right now, I release a new song every week and I still won’t be able to record all the songs I have before I die. I have songs literally pop into my head every day. I’m gonna contribute all I can to the culture on more genres than you’re probably ready for and I’m absolutely loving the journey so far … #BubbleOnDeck  

17) To your next set of fans through us in Europe & Asia what do you
tell them?

TB: Thank you for believing in me. I love you already and I’m passport ready. See you soon and be prepared to dance when I get there!!

18) Would you dare to sing in another language?

Yes. I secretly love Spanish and I listen to the spanish radio and watch spanish soap operas. I love Bachata, it reminds of R&B in spanish with lots of duets so I learn those words and sing the harmonies and songs when they come on lol. I hope to be to sing in many more languages too on a world tour.


19) To say good bye TB says…

#BubbleOnDeck … that means hello, good bye, and I’m Here!!! or I just blow kisses lol that’s easier and comes in the form of an emoji


Interview by:

Nancy Quevedo


all copyright and property of Tamara Bubble.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TamaraBubble/

Twitter: @TamaraBubble

Youtubechannel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/TamaraMusicVEVO

Thanks Tamara for patience & love towards the making of this Interview #Nancyondeck!







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