Top Model  Anastasia Treplev

Beauty is very hard, models are cherrished by woman counterpart & desired by men…but they are human being too, and they have a lighter side, despite the glamour, the posing, the photoshoots & make up, they are woman, just woman! They root for there team in a bar, they burp they use foul language and even have love problems, at the end of the day, models as woman….just wanna have fun!

Anastasia Treplev our exclusive Russian Top Model awnsers to the questions, any average joe, will ask them….but yeah we dress all of it, with her magnificent image, body, face ,posing and unique touch, the touch of a real woman of today!


  • Do you remenber the first time you had fun?

 I think I was born already fun and happy))  probably in my mother’s stomach ))

  • What made you first become a model?

I had to pay a very expensive education, and modeling is a good part-time job in Russia!

  • What is your favorite bad Word?

DAMN! 🤦‍♀️

  • Do you remenber your first Kiss?

    honestly nope, and it does not even occur to me when it was the first time in my life…

  • Do you eat Taco Bell? Mc Donalds? Dominos Pizza? Sushi or any fast food?

   I love double cheeseburger in McDonalds!! the best ☺️

  • Who was your role model as a child an how did that help in being a model

Victoria Beckham 

  • Would you date someone who was, overweight?

If I  love this person – yes of course!!! To me looks are nothing It doesn’t matter

  • What did your parent first think of you being a model and where they supportive?

Lol,ouch.. Nothing serious, only that is my new hobbie for a little time.

  • Men, White? Black? Asian? Russian? Women? White, Black?, Asian? Russian?

only white man, but who knows …?

  • Do you remenber the first time you made love?, did you enjoy it?

  The first time no – it was teenagers sex , and it was like ‘rat race’ )))…

  • How do you handle Bashers and paparazzi?

Normal! I love camera very much)! Always look at the camera ❤️

  • Do you easily get bad temper with your fans?

  I try to be polite and not nervous, but not all the time I can be ((( sometimes break, but it’s bad, I know… sorry, please everyone, I do love you all😘

  • Favorite beach? Favorite Country ( not including Russia)

Sa Calobra, Mallorca, Spain 

  • Your best friend is a man or a woman? Who is she/he?

 My best friend is my mom! 💗

  • Do you know how to cook?

 yes, but not all you want probably hehehe

  • Do top models Burp or Fart?

see Schwepps comercial? what do you expect? hehehe LOL

  • How did you learn to pose? Watching other models?

8 years of practice!! Only practice by yourself will give you results!

  • How old are you …your real age!

28! Never lie about my age ) I am honest model! 

  • How much do you weight , do you eat once a week?

I have no diet! I just eat not so many food. I am 44 kg 

  • If a young girl/boy wanted to be a model what would your advice for them be?

  Take some shootings with professional photographers at first & be wise choosing them.

  • Will you go out with a poor guy, just because you like him?

   don’t like poor man. Because I am not poor. Sorry but it is life 👍 although, you never know! haha

  • Do you dance Salsa? Merengue?

No… but I want know hoe to dance Latino  it is cool!!

  • Smoke? & Drink?

 No smoke, it´s not healthy,but i do like wine 😎

  • How do you maintain your figure?

sometimes gym, sometimes cardio, sometimes run and sometimes and swim! How many times did i use “sometimes” haha!

  • When someone says the Word “Threesome” what comes to mind? 3 people doing work or 3 people at sex?

None of the above, i think only happy family: dad mom and child, hehe Gotcha, didn´t I? LOL

  • Are you a kinky person? Do you have any fetish?

yes,no,maybe,who knows,no,no,yes,maybe…get it? haha

  • Now, are you single?

Yes, for now….

  • Sexualy what is your preffered position & why?

My Favorite P…….shhhh secret, next question! hahaha

  • Whisky? Tequila? Vodka? All of the above?

Wine whisky and beer, but different time,place or activity ( soccermatch at a bar,party or hanging out for example)

  • Are you funny? Can you tell us a joke?

    Yes of course! I Do have a sense of humor! Politic Russian joke:  Vladimir Putin celebrated his birthday. He had a nice party, but it got awkward when two of his           friends got him the same  country. 

  • You become president of your country, tell me 3 things you would do first.

     increase retirement, reduce the cost of education,  make normal roads(streets,avenues & highways) in the country 😆

  • Did your parents help you through this modeling experience at all?

No, I learn it by myself, but they supported me, am blessed!

  • Do you plan to have a baby?

 Yes, of course! When the time is right! 

  • Have you already Saved enough to support yourself for life?

Sure, like everyone! hahahahah Yeah Right, am 28! no comment!

  • Do you know anything about Photography?

Yes, many things! this is a  whole art!  it’s like science love to get in all aspects of the business! am a smart dedicated gurl!

  • How long hav u been doing this and how much longer you plan to be a model?

Now 8 years! I will do this while I am young and beautiful! do you all agree? hehe got an Ego today!

  • Do you Recognized your first time in modelling a treasure?

Yes Modeling has made me who i am, what i am and what i want out of life!

  • What is your favourite Lush product? (ours is the lemony cuticle butter!)

love all bathroom bombs of Lush !!!! Mmmm…( guess we got lost in translation, hahaha)

  • is it fun, the model lifestyle, the traveling, the photoshoots?

Modeling – is lifestyle! It is cool funny interesting and exciting business !!!) love do this every day of my life 😊

Thank you  Anastasia!

I wish to add, that models, photographers,magazines and all people in the business are hard working, serious, and profesional, and yet again we are people as you all and us all, we just have the luck to maybe do what we want to do in life, nevertheless i apreciate each and everyone i have worked for as well as i apreciate all the people that one way or another support my craft and my work, thank you, god bless you all!

Anastasia Treplev.


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