Mika Estrella, a Star is Born!

Mika (Me-ka’) – Strong, dedicated, driven, and most importantly, unstoppable. Have you ever wondered if dreams really do come true? Mika is a living proof that with hard work, dedication and drive, everything is possible.

Born in Fayetteville, NC from an African American Mother, Angela Gaines, and a Puerto Rican Father, Robert Reyes, Mika is privileged to have a very diverse background. Her love for music and acting started at the very impressionable age of 5. Once her father realized she possessed a natural beautiful voice, he immediately put her in the church choir. It wasn’t long before Mika was leading the church choir at the tender age of 5 years old that she knew that music was not only her passion, but her destiny. 
Moving forward with her music career and never giving up on her destiny, Mika also continues to be an inspiration to everyone around her. Her unrelenting positive energy allows her to meet all obstacles in her path head on. After confronting these encumbrances, she not only overcomes them but also demolishes every adversity she must face, thus growing stronger with every victory.

Mika is an everlasting rising star that burns brighter with each passing day. Through her music, she will have the ability to speak to a great-diversified audience. Her music is influenced and motived by genuine, intimate life experiences that will be relatable to women of all ages around the globe. Determined to leave a radiant, everlasting mark on the world, as a writer, singer, and actress Mika will continue to shine with every cherished waking day that she feels blessed to have.


Her music:

. Written and performed by Mika Estrella,

produced by JimmySue Beats



FB: MikaEstrella Twitter:@Mikaestrella


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