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Beauty is not a concept….it´s an Attitude!

LluviaFm Tours the world to scout, talent in the form of Music, Arts, Beauty & writing.

LluviaFm Presents Divas! For our introductory diva we bring you, Aiza Chavez.

Aiza Chavez, Simple, girl next door..


She is simple, she is like any 24 year old, with dreams of making it big, and she might do it! she ha a strong believe that is youi do good, you will get good! She is down to earth and knows for a fact that world we live in is extremele hard and competetive, she just wants to put her piece of the puzzle to make a better and nice world, with her, we are sure it will be that way!


She candidly states:

I started modeling because I love fashion, fashion shows and photoshoot, all that inspired me, when I was college I dreamed to ramp when we watched fashion shows in the mall of my native Manila.I was dreaming that someday I became model like them.


Aiza, is more than it meets the eyes…

She loves to hang out, like all girls from her age, college friends, family and friends are her most beloved reason to be how she is, but make no mistake she is all business when it comes to work as a Rep for BMW Manila and as a freelance model, where she is starting to make a name of her own in Asia by being a woman that brings equaly to the table Beauty & Respect!


A Bit of Aiza:

Favorite movie: Jennifers body and Jumper

Favorite artist: Michelle Branch, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Pink and Rihanna

Fav songs : Give you what you like, Avril Lavigne, Diamonds by Rihanna

Favorite quotes: “Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself.

Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.”

Don’t lust her body. Don’t judge her beauty. She’s more than everything you can see”.


About how she is,Likes & Dislikes…

As I see myself: Fashionable and strong woman

Most I love: Tidy, Intillegent,Real,warm,willing to do good, good humor, sexy and fashion sense people

 Most you hate: stuck-up, liars, nonsense, boring, pretender, gossipers and bossy
What makes me laugh: pranks, scarry videos, and dumb men that think am an object.

Beauty is part of our world…

My Favorite models are..Kendall Jenner and GiGi Hadid.

Kendall is having strong personality.Sexy and pretty and got fashion sense.Gigi is very humble model and flawless,

 as for me “My goal” is to have my own clothing line so i can be known also as great fashion designer someday.

In 5 Years i see myself….

Hope to become, Sucessful businesswoman, known and influencial person in fashion industryaiza-chavez-divas-lluviafm-11

Fashion or not fashion…that is the question!



 Our Perspective of Aiza Chavez in Poetry by #E!

 “Its Time, My Time” Aiza Chavez… Young i am, sweet as sugar, as my poet says beautiful and blessed by god.. because God has given me the ultimate goal in life, the ultimate goal in heart..
Time to be me, time to develop in to what i wanted to become, what i wanted to give and share,
i know am just a woman, i know am a simple girl….but my biggest asset is to have a big heart, nice feelings, to share to my family and loved ones to bring to the world and make a difference..
to be in a point in time to many and with a smile let them know that good really exist, that effort, pays off,
that love really comes and that everyone in this planet has a chance, to love & be loved to do and get good…
thats how i feel, thats why i say…”Its Time, My Time” and my heart is oppen…”Its Time, My Time”
and my mind is willing to do….”Its Time, My Time” and my soul is in peace…
i love and expect to get love back…
“Its Time, My Time”








Fashion Design Student at Fashion Institute of the Philippines,

Professional Ramp Model

Front desk Officer at BMW

Glamour Model at International Shutter Organization

Studied AB Foreign Service Major in Diplomacy at New Era University

Philippine State College of Aeronautics and School of Performing Arts and Elegance

Post done for the purpose of promoting Aiza Chavez all rights to her image are provided by her to promote her work as a profesional model

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