How will i ever love myself? 


Woman have something in common how do I love myself?

They especially wanted to know what the specifics are, although it’s so easy to tell someone, “Love yourself,” and much more difficult to describe how to do it.

Many beautiful woman, Young woman, and working kind of woman  come to a crossroad with there lifes due to a bad Boyfriend, bad husband, bad…bosss. 


Woman for some reason, sometimes have a very low esteem, don´t trust there place and forcé of nature among society and therefore lack confidence, also why is it that most woman fall for the great looks and easy going guy that is a womanizer and can be seen from a mile away? Although this is not a debate on who is guilty or not, my intention is for woman to love themself as they are, love themself for who they are and ultimately, respect themselfs.


Inner bonding is a powerful step self-healing process that offers a road map for learning to love yourself. Learning and practicing these  steps will gradually result in loving yourself rather than continuing to abandon yourself. 


Steps of “Inner Bonding”: 



  1. Be willing to feel pain and take responsibility for your feelings.

All feelings are informational, letting us know whether we’re loving ourselves or abandoning ourselves, or if others are being loving or controlling.

Step one is mindfully following your breath to get present in your body, and compassionately embracing all feelings. It’s about moving toward your feelings rather than away from them, with various forms of self-abandonment, such as staying focused in your head, judging yourself, turning to addictions to numb out, or making someone else responsible for your feelings. 

    2.Move into the intent to learn.

In inner bonding, there are only two possible intentions in any given moment:

To protect against pain, avoiding responsibility for it, through various forms of addictive and controlling behavior.

To learn about what you’re doing or thinking that may be causing your pain — or what may be happening between you and another person or situation — so that you can move into taking loving action in your own behalf.

Invite the loving presence of your higher self into your heart, and consciously open to learning about loving yourself. 


   3.Learn about your false beliefs.

Step three is a deep and compassionate process of exploration — of learning about your beliefs and behavior, and about what is happening with a person or situation that may be causing your pain.

Ask your feeling self — your inner child — “What am I thinking or doing that’s causing the painful feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, jealousy, anger, loneliness or emptiness?” Allow the answer to come from inside — from your feelings.

Once you understand what you’re thinking or doing that’s causing these feelings, then you explore with your ego-wounded self to understand the fears and false beliefs leading to the self-abandoning thoughts and actions.

If you feel lonely, heartbroken, or helpless over someone, you ask yourself what is happening between you and another person that is causing these painful feelings.  

  4.Dialogue with your higher self.

It isn’t as hard to connect with your higher guidance as you may think. The key is to be open to learning about loving yourself. The answers may come immediately or over time. They may come in words or images or in dreams. When your heart is open to learning, the answers will come. 

  5.Take the loving action learned in step four.

You’ve opened up to your pain, moved into learning, started a dialogue with your feelings, and tapped into your spiritual guidance. In step five, you take the loving action that, over time, heals the shame, anxiety and depression that have been the result of your self-abandonment. 


Sometimes people think of “loving yourself” as a feeling you have to conjure up. A good way to look at loving yourself is by emphasizing the action, “What can I DO to love myself?” rather than “How can I FEEL love for myself?” 

  6.Evaluate your action.

Once you take the loving action, you check in to see if your pain, anger and shame are getting healed. If not, you go back through the steps until you discover the truth and loving actions that bring you peace, joy, and a deep sense of intrinsic worth.

Over time, you will discover that loving yourself improves everything in your life — your relationships, your health and well-being, your ability to manifest your dreams, and your self

esteem. Loving and connecting with yourself is the key to being able to love and connect with others and create loving relationships. Loving yourself is what enables you to raise your frequency and co-create with spirit. Loving yourself is the key to creating a passionate, fulfilled and joyful life. 

So at the end, it´s very simple, when you love yourself first, you gain trust in you, when you love yourself first & second, you gain confidence and become aware of your place in society and family…but when you love yourself….first, second & third, you also know how to judge, friends, men and specially womanizers and don´t fall for drama or dumb friendships and just move away to better vibes. 

So…how to know, how to love yourself?

When people start to love themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives get better. They feel better. They get the jobs they want. They have the money they need. Their relationships either improve, or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin.

It’s a very simple premise—loving yourself. I’ve been criticized for being too simplistic, and I have found that the simple things are usually the most profound. 

Someone said to me recently, “You gave me the most wonderful gift—you gave me the gift of myself.” So many of us hide from ourselves and we don’t even know who we are. We don’t know what we feel, we don’t know what we want.


Life is a voyage of self discovery. To me, to be enlightened is to go within and to know who and what we really are, and to know that we have the ability to change for the better by loving and taking care of ourselves.

It’s not selfish to love ourselves. It clears us so that we can love ourselves enough to love other people. We can really help the planet when we come from a space of great love and joy on an individual basis. 

The Power that created this incredible Universe has often been referred to as love. God is love. We have often heard the statement: Love makes the world go ’round. It’s all true. Love is the binding agent that holds the whole Universe together.

To me, love is a deep appreciation. When I talk about loving ourselves, I mean having a deep appreciation for who we are. We accept all the different parts of ourselves—our little peculiarities, the embarrassments, the things we may not do so well, and all the wonderful qualities, too. 


We Are In Charge Of Our livesi f you are not willing to love yourself today, then you are not going to love yourself tomorrow, because whatever excuse you have today, you’ll still have tomorrow. Maybe you’ll have the same excuse 20 years from now, and even leave this lifetime holding on to the same excuse. 

Today is the day you can love yourself totally with no expectations.

Love is something we can choose, the same way we choose anger, or hate, or sadness. We can choose to forgive someone who has hurt us and begin to finally heal. We can choose to be grateful for what we have. We can choose love. It’s always a choice within us.

Let’s begin right now in this moment to choose love.

It’s the most powerful healing force there is if not how can you ever say, “How will I love Myself!”


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