Una mirada a la música de los 60´s,70´s,80´s y 90´s. Sus artistas, bandas, conciertos, momentos y leyendas.
Desde los Beatles a Michael Jackson o desde Los Rolling Stones a Mariah Carey, es Retro Flashback, un viaje al pasado con una vista del presente de una manera global, por Lluviafm.
email: normy@lluviafm.com

A look at the music of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Artists, bands, concerts, moments and legends all blend in your minds and hearts.
From the Beatles to Michael Jackson , The Rolling Stones to Mariah Carey, is RetroFlashback, a trip to the past with a view in a comprehensive manner, by Lluviafm´s Collaborator Normy.

email: normy@lluviafm.com


The Beatles Records

The Beatles TEN Virtually UNBEATLEABLE BEATLE RECORDS They say that, to remenber is to live and the passion of music makes so many memories, that we love and cherrish so much. It is difficult to...


The Beatles

THE BEATLES The Beatles came to WorldWide fame in 1963, with the exception of the US who only caught up in 1964 but to fully understand their impact on the World it’s best to...

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